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What's the problem

Most businesses do at least some form of marketing. Some do only the basics, whilst others are involved in multiple streams of marketing tactics.

But many businesses don’t have an experienced, well-rounded marketing leader.

These businesses are not going to fully understand if their marketing activities really are the right ones, how well they are performing, or what they are missing out on.

Why this matters

Poor-performing marketing is the waste  that takes many forms and can adversely impact the business in several ways.

The most obvious waste is money, but time and opportunity are significant forms of waste that can go unnoticed.

Good marketing helps the sales engine in any business, so it makes sense to know how you’re doing.

Our approach

Marketing Microscope

Once you have booked, we’ll arrange an interactive discussion during which you’ll be asked several questions about your business, all the marketing activities you’re involved in, and the results.

A help guide will be provided in advance of our conversation to assist with your basic preparation.

The session is held remotely through a video call. The session will last around 90 minutes after which the output will be shared in document form.

marketing Evaluation

Know where you stand

Many businesses get going with no plan at all, but forming a plan means doing meaningful marketing activities that are designed to deliver objectives.

There’s never a bad time to seek evaluation of your marketing from a highly experienced marketer.

Use cases

Not all businesses have access to a marketing leader, or one with sufficient horizontal expertise to form a solid plan.

what you get

The output is written up as an evaluation of your marketing activities and much is immediately actionable.

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Coaching & Consulting

Always-on advice that mixes coaching and consulting to help you or your team deliver your strategy.

CRM & Email Marketing

Own your data and take control of how you build momentum, grow revenue, build community and benefit your audience.

SEO & Discovery

Ultra low-cost software providing the exact steps to optimise your website to drive organic growth through search and discovery.

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