Marketing Plan

The secret to successful marketing

Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there

What's the problem

Marketing today is commonly performed the wrong way around, starting directly with tactical execution.

If the tactics aren’t designed to support the marketing strategy, what objectives are they trying to achieve?

This upside down approach is a huge waste of time, money and opportunity.

These days it’s hard to find the right help.

Marketing has become a confusing and overwhelming mess, with too much choice, not enough strategy, and widespread poor advice.

Why this matters

Good marketing requires thought…

…about the situation inside and outside the organisation and the objectives that set direction, like the vision, the mission, and financial objectives.

A solid marketing strategy will consider the situation and objectives to form a roadmap of how your business can achieve its objectives.

Strategy looks at market segments, how to position the brand, the value proposition, target audience, etc. for the formation of a meaningful tactical plan.

Our approach

Marketing with purpose

We determine your business objectives and build a basic strategy towards achieving those objectives, which would give the business a clearer perspective of where you are, where you want to be, and how you should get there.

This is typically done in a workshop setting (either in-person or through video). The workshop length is determined by the needs (varies from a few hours to a few days) and the output is then shared as a detailed document.

Meaningful marketing

Navigate today's marketing jungle

Many businesses get going with no plan at all, but forming a plan means doing meaningful marketing activities that are designed to deliver objectives.

There’s never a bad time to form a plan, and every business should.

Use cases

Not all businesses have access to a marketing leader, or one with sufficient horizontal expertise to form a solid plan.

what you get

The output is written up as a blueprint you or your team can follow, or get our further help for implementation.

We chose them

They chose us

Real marketing through services that matter

what do you need?

Coaching & Consulting

Always-on advice that mixes coaching and consulting to help you or your team deliver your strategy.

CRM & Email Marketing

Own your data and take control of how you build momentum, grow revenue, build community and benefit your audience.

SEO & Discovery

Ultra low-cost software providing the exact steps to optimise your website to drive organic growth through search and discovery.

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