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We’re often asked what products, services and software we’d recommend for business operations and marketing.

We’ve used many, but only a handful really stand the test of time. So this is a dedicated, up-to-date list of our best recommendations.

In some instances, your selection could result in a small commission or discount being passed on to us (no additional cost to you). Remember that we use these anyway and all recommendations are based on what we love and rely on.

Email Marketing CRM Tool

Email marketing is at the centre of today’s direct marketing.
Simplicity, reliability and a good feature set are essential.
This software as a service helps keep data clean and permission-based.

Magical, AI-Driven Copywriting Tool

If ‘Content is King’, then how to you quickly and easily create content that your audience will value? Copy.AI helps you generate copy that sells your products without the stress of writing it yourself. Create unique, engaging content in minutes.

FREE SEO Audit For Your Website

Get an actionable SEO report which shows you how your website is performing vs. one competitor. It covers keywords, on-site SEO, speed and backlinks, rating your website in each of these areas out of 100. The report will also point out exactly where you can make onsite improvements, why, and how – all for FREE.

Sales CRM software

Sales CRM comes into its own when managing leads, contacts, and opportunities for your sales cycle. Having used many types of sales CRM cloud software, Pipedrive ranks amongst the best because it’s lightweight, has the key features you need without distracting frills, and it’s sensibly prices. This referral extends the standard 14-day free trial to 30 days.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Your website is essential to your business.
Security and speed are a top priority.
It’s easier if your domain and website are with the same provider.
Changing provider is a real pain.
Go with a provider with the greatest reputation.

Growth Strategy Checklist

Marketing is a journey. Every journey needs a plan.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

Download our free 14-point Growth Strategy Checklist to check how strategy-led your marketing really is.

Business-grade email & productivity software suite

Google Workspace was formerly called GSuite.
Email, calendaring and productivity sit at the centre of business operations.
Full-featured software that works at blistering speed can be a huge time-saver.
Once you use Google Workspace, you won’t go back to anything else.

Team Productivity (Cloud Based Software)

Project-management is a key part of getting things done.
Software simplicity is essential for continuity.
Multi-device access helps progress.
Collaborating effectively aids productivity and results.

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