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Search - A true pillar of brand and business growth

What's the problem

Build a website and visitors will come, right?


Don’t expect people to easily find your website if you haven’t optimised it for search engines like Google.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t something you can set and forget. It requires long-term commitment to stay ahead.

Why this matters

Over half of website traffic is driven by search. Not advertising. Search!

Browser activity usually goes like this: Search Google for a brand name, or website, or an answer to a question, etc. The most optimised websites appear first, which is usually your next click.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is often used to bypass SEO. Whilst PPC is a great complement to SEO, it’s shortsighted (and expensive) to use it as a substitute.

Discover how your website stacks up against your competitors with our FREE SEO audit.

Our approach

Harnessing the human behaviour of search

Years ago, brands were built using traditional marketing techniques such as advertising, PR, word of mouth, etc. These days, people also search on Google. Therefore, Search Engine Optimisation is a key approach to brand and business growth.

Our simple, low-cost solution delivers a completely tailored list of actions to optimise your website for search. All you have to do is log into our platform (subscribers only) and complete your monthly SEO checklist, which tells you what you need to do, why and how.

SEO simplified and solved

We stay on top of SEO - you run your business

Search Engine Optimisation is an ever-evolving field of marketing. You need dedication to the field if you want to stay ahead. Experts dedicate their entire careers to SEO (and charge for it!).

Two significant ways in which our solution helps: First, the expertise is in the software (as a service). You don’t have to learn SEO or hire an SEO person. Second, you’ll always have the right SEO tasks described clearly through our platform – just log in and complete your tasks once a month.

Use cases

Whether a micro business, a start-up or an established business with an online shop, you might be facing at one or possibly several of these challenges:

what you get

Browser-based SEO software dedicated to serving your specific website and business. It shows you precisely what you need to do, why and how. No prior knowledge is required.

Discover how your website stacks up against your competitors with our FREE SEO audit.

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Always-on advice that mixes coaching and consulting to help you or your team deliver your strategy.

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Own your data and take control of how you build momentum, grow revenue, build community and benefit your audience.

SEO & Discovery

Ultra low-cost software providing the exact steps to optimise your website to drive organic growth through search and discovery.

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